Collaborate with legal entity Betaclient

Consistent Client Data in UAT and in PROD Env.

It’s complimentary to synthetic test data.

Beta Test Your Services in PROD

Activate your feature toggles in PROD for Betaclient first.

Trouble Shoot in PROD

Betaclient is a less sensitive client that can help you with trouble shooting.

Made for DevOps

Automation. Feature toggles. Test in PROD.

Made for Complex Environments

In complex environments UAT and PROD may diverge.

Uses Multiple of Your Products

Use Betaclient to test various applications and services

Don’t have test accounts (fake clients) in PROD.

It’s often not allowed to maintain test accounts for fake clients in PROD.

Betaclient client data may be shared in all environments.

When collaborating with Betaclient - the betaclient client and transaction data is not sensitive data.

No worries if something goes wrong in PROD

Financial institutions are keen to prevent embarrassing errors in productions - probably more than BigTech companies. When collaborating with betaclient, you have a non-sensitive client. Using feature toggles, you can have Betaclient check your services in PROD before you roll them out to your business critical clients.

Betaclient as a legal entity to test across multiple financial institutions

Value chains like multi-banking or trading/settlement involve multiple financial institutions. When collaborating with Betaclient, you can have a client for end-to-end testing in UAT and in PROD environments.

It’s easy to get started.

Collaborating with Betaclient is just a matter of signing contracts. No consulting needed. No software development needed. No integration work. You’re good to go within 3 business days. And we’re nice guys.

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