Frequently Asked Questions

Who is already using Betaclient?

Betaclient is brand new. Currently one client is using Betaclient for pipe cleaning a.k.a. testing in prod.

What variability does Betaclient offer? (e.g. FATCA)

Currently Betaclient is planned to be a single Swiss legal entity.

Does Betaclient support FIX protocol interfaces?

Yes. We support FIX version 4.2 and 4.4.

Does Betaclient do manual testing?

This depends on the package you choose.

How does the typical Betaclient engagement look like?

For banks: we might already be a client of yours. Therefore it’s very easy to become a client of us. Just sign a contract and pay the fee. No software needed, no consulting needed, no project needed."

Does Betaclient cancel transactions after the test?

It depends on the test case.

Can Betaclient customers access Betaclient logfiles?

It depends.

Any refunds?